At the beginning of the 19th century, Adamo brothers founded the winery F.lli Adamo, driven by the willingness of promoting the Sicilian quality in the whole Italy and abroad. In 1931 Antonino e Vincenzo Adamo bought the Florio factory, the only in the area able to produce spirits and to turn grapes into wine, which was decisive for the first export of Marsala wine, Vermouth and the white wine Alcamo.

In the Sixties, also through important contributes from the heirs, the business had its historical peak. In particular Vito, Vincenzo’s son, believed in the potential growth of the company, even when misunderstandings and slight disagreements between the two heirs had a bad impact on the business. In 1998 Vincenzo, namesake grandchild of the founder, took charge of the operation and of the relaunching of the Brand. He is a young entrepreneur, grown up between vineyards and mountains of the marc of grapes processed at the winery, who inherited his family’s passion for the land and winemaking.

Soon after Vincenzo decides to take a step back and restore dignity to the nature and its natural processes by eliminating the use of pesticides and chemical fertilizers and the combination of modern farming practices with the use of organic methods. The company now is entirely dedicated to the production of fully organic wines and EVO, with estate that stretches for about 75 hectares, in vast hilly area of western Sicily, within best areas of ‘Alcamo DOC and DOP Valli Trapanesi olive and grape-growing area.

Using only selected grapes for the winemaking, the result obtained is an extravagant wine with unique and pleasant characteristics.