The craft brewery 24 BARONI is a young and dynamic Sicilian company, which was founded by Consentino brothers in 2013. The first beer was available on the Sicilian market in August 2014. “For years – Antonio and Giacomo say – we’ve been experimenting at home the process of making a good craft beer.” Then the decision of making the next step: converting their passion in business. “Through a twinning with a brewery from Piedmont, homeland of the Italian beer tradition, we had the chance of an internship to learn from a master craftsman and refine our technique.” The brewery, in the district of Sant’Onofrio in Nicosia, is located in the heart of Sicily, between two beautiful Natural Parks: Nebrodi and Madonie regional Parks.

In the old times Nicosia enjoyed a period of reasonable well-being, which was originated mainly from wheat production, farm animals and trade. This wealth was however attributable only to 24 noble families, active between the XIX and the XX centuries. For this reason the village is known as “the city of the 24 barons”, from which is derived the name of the beer.

The production follows the traditional method of the double fermentation, typical of the Belgian tradition, one of the European most appreciated school. The company uses only malted grains, fine hops and yeast. Each type of beer produced is not pasteurized nor filtered, but just fermented twice: firstly in the keg and next in the bottle. There are neither preservatives nor other stabilizing chemical substances. All the ingredients are naturals. The brewery 24 Baroni is also very careful to the environment and the whole energy used for the production come from renewable sources.

At the moment there are 4 beers produced: each of them has different characteristics and offers a valuable alternative to wine as pairing with every course of the Mediterranean Diet. So, as the two brothers like to say, this crafted beer represent “a real Sicilian beer of excellence within everyone’s mean”.