Caffè Montero srl is active in the manufacturing and toasting coffee business in Marsala, province of Trapani.

The company was conceived in order to better satisfy demanding coffee drinkers as are Sicilian people through a perfect quality product: dedication, commitment, creativity and resourcefulness are traits that distinguish the company. The coffee has become an integral part of the Mediterranean diet and especially in Italy expression of ritual habits of the everyday life: “its scent wakes us up, its taste and aroma share our job pauses and after meals relaxation”, the owner explains.

From these premises valuable blends are generated: Arabica and Robusta aromas from Latin Americans, Indian and African best crops, selected and roasted to perfection by following the principles and methods of ancient roasters. The meticulousness and attention with which the various mixtures are prepared to provide different blends a perfect balance in taste and aroma, each with a different shade in order to satisfy even the most demanding customer.