As for any agricultural product, the characteristics of the soil have a decisive impact on final result. So it is the link for food originated from animals and what they used to eat and where they used to stay. The “Ibleo” region represents a pleasant anomaly for the beautiful and complicated Sicily.

A hardworking population, proud of their own history and tenaciously bound to its roots, where the multinational food companies struggle to take off being unable to satisfy the demanding “Ibleo” taste. The market is thus populated by many artisans who make of the research and attention for their product’s quality their first concern. In this context, Hiblasus was founded in Ragusa in 2009, a small salami factory managed at a familiar level, where production techniques have been handed down from father to son and scrupulously conserved. The young Mario Bella, after almost twenty years spent in the retail sale of meat and derivatives, decided to focus on the production of sausages and other cured meats: habitual element of the timeless kitchen of Mario’s mother, grandmothers and aunts.

Hiblasus take care and pay a lot of attention to all steps of production. From choosing to the slaughter of pigs, raised outdoor following the natural cycle in the “Ibleo” territory as well as fed with natural feeds derived from acorns and legumes typical of the area, especially dried fava beans and carobs in “the old way”, a guarantee of quality and authenticity for the meat. The production chain then continue with the stuffing, curing and smoking phases, done without chemical additives, but only with the smoke of certificated beech wood. In order to favor its aspects of genuineness and authenticity, the choice was therefore to minimize the substances and additives, imposed by law, that are not meat, spices or salt.

“The charcuterie Hiblasus show the pride of a solid link with the “Ibleo” territory around Ragusa – emphasizes Mario – through flavors, suggestions and the practice of a tradition unchanged.”