Fish production in Sicily has a significant weight on the economy that joins the traditional and cultural value of the business, integral part of the identity and image of the island. La Marinara is a brand born from the experience of twenty operators in the province of Trapani with a deep knowledge of the industry as well as a high professionalism and able to satisfy any real need of customers.

The idea is to make available on a market traditionally dominated by the consumption of fresh fish a range of products derived from fish: such fillets, slices and other portioned parts. The products obtained from the red tuna of the Mediterranean Sea are undoubtedly the flagship of the company, whom adds other specialties from “tonnara”. The company has a physical store in Via Mazzini, in the center of Marsala and few meters away from one of the symbols of the city, the Fountain of Wine.

La Marinara products are known for the value associated with not exaggerated price levels.

“The fish is our work.- says the owner – For thirty years our boats have brought in the fish markets of Sicily the more valuable fish in the Mediterranean. The experience allows us to select, acquire and offer high quality products.”