Black pig Capocollo

Black pig Capocollo


Proceeds from the loin nearest the head of the Black Pig. It ‘a product from a tender texture and intense flavor.

Vacuum packed from 500 grams approx

Black pig Capocollo

Capocollo of black pig from Nebrodi is a tasty meat derived from indigenous Sicilian race, the black pig from Nebrodi. It was one of the first to get the Slow Food Presidium, being one of the region’s typical Sicilian mountain, also in view of the small circle of living specimens. The cut is obtained appropriately cutting the pork loin that is split into carrè, loin and capocollo.

The realization of the sausage is made up of several complex stages, all fundamental for the excellent end result. Obtained cutting, deboning and proceed to the next salting which occurs massaging the meat. It’s an important process as it allows the salt to spread unifying the taste of everything capocollo pork. At this point the meat is washed and massaged with herbs and spices to then be inserted into a natural pork casing that is drilled; follows a ligature energetic and proceed to the final step, the seasoning, which lasts for a period of about 15 weeks.

The result of the process is capocollo of black pig from Nebrodi, a sausage from the meat tender and firm. When cut, the slices are of a bright red color with veins of fat and releases the nose all flavorings used during the preparation phase. The harmony of flavors appreciable taste joins the high nutritional values: capocollo black pig is rich in Omega 3 found in meat of black pig Nebrodi, bred in the wild and fed mainly with dried beans and seasonal vegetables.

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