Black pig Fellata

Black pig Fellata


The proposed salami black Pork from Nebrodi includes fellata, pork sausage very special, ideal for quick and delicious appetizers.

Black pig Fellata

To get the fellata using cuts of loin, shoulder and thigh that make up the lean part joined the bacon for the fat of the sausage. Meat, cut into coarse according to the old method the knife tip, is seasoned with salt and pepper and stuffed into cularino, naming Sicilian pork intestine. The walls of the gut, particularly fat, allow the meat to remain soft throughout the whole of the curing that takes place for a period ranging from 60 to 120 days.

The result is a black pig salami from the cylindrical shape and the grayish color due to the presence of lard. The flavor and all natural makes fellata black pig Nebrodi bagged the ideal for a platter of cold cuts and cheeses.

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