Black pig tense bacon

Black pig tense bacon


It is obtained from the ventral part of the lean pork, salted and flavored with pepper and spices. It has a delicate flavor and markedly sweet.

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Black pig tense bacon

The black pig bacon from Nebrodi is one of the most appreciated by those who know of high quality food. It is obtained from the ventral part of the pig that is cut into a rectangular shape, without the rind and subjected to tanning with spices and natural flavors.

Maturing takes place in containers that preserve the original shape, hence the name of “tense” as opposed to the “rolled”. In this phase, lasting one month, the bacon is periodically massaged with aromas that give the end product its distinctive taste.

The uses of bacon are varied: from the first as amatriciana and vegetable risotto and bacon, in which the latter is used to wrap and season dishes of meat.

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