Sweet and smoked Seasoned sausage

Sweet and smoked Seasoned sausage


The seasoned sausage is one of the most famous pork sausages, perhaps the oldest of the meats. It ‘a salami of pure pork, bred outdoors and fed with dried beans that give more flavor to the meat.

Vacuum packed from 400 grams approx

Sweet and smoked Seasoned sausage

The craftsmanship of the pig follows ancient methods and occurs via maturation of the meat, expertly blended with salt, pepper and wild fennel seeds. Followed by a period of slow curing (not less than 20 days) and lightly smoked with beech wood that helps to enhance all the features of smoked sausage of pure pork.

A process as accurate and long returns a seasoned sausage smoked intense aroma, characterized by smoking naturally. The cut is a slice compact dark color and palate releases all the flavors of the aromas, the lightly smoked and processed meat according to tradition.

The balanced use of the ingredients for the preparation of cured sausage smoked sweet makes this meat a product of sure success on the table, excellent to a cutting board of sausages and cheeses.

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